A 'Tip o' The hat to you'  and  good day,


Gentleman Jones & Son pty ltd, began with our English family heritage and a fondness of all things befitting a traditional gentleman.

One hopes it is an equal reflection of contemporay & tradition embracing generations of Traditional Barbering and a Gentleman's values.


If in your evening reflections you were to take a moment to research the dictionary definitions of these choices of words you would find the following meaning,


Gentleman: [jen-til-muhn] noun 1. a MAN of good family, breeding or social position. 


Jones: [j-oo-n-z] verb 1. An addiction or desire


Product(s): [prod-uck-ts] noun (plural) 1. A thing produced by labor or resulting from a process, such as a natural, social, or historical process.

One can only deduce from our title- Gentleman Jones Men's products a perfect definition of what we hope to represent-

A Gentleman of good breeding with an addiction to historically proven quality grooming & Gentlemen's products. 


And then one must ask themselves why? Why a Bulldog for our mascot?


Because what man doesn’t love his trusted beloved dog that sits by his side at the fire and muses over the days events,  and for this gentleman it is our prestigious beloved Bulldog (Winston) often found in Gentleman Jones Barber sShop & Whiskey  Bar, laying about. 

It is with great pride we have carefully selected a range of products to allow for the various needs of the Modern Gentleman as well as the Tradtional 'Old School' Sir. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we welcome feedback from our fellow peers 


And remember a True Gentleman is Always in Style.
Yours Humbly

Gentleman Jones





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