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Gentleman Jones 25-year-old family recipe Barber Products now available. 

Our Old family recipes with today’s modern styles in mind and your professional use catered for.

Shaving cream with rich lathers and smells of old bay rum, that one tub can do 30 face shaves and pomades with such strong holds you will not believe they are water soluble and flexible hold.

Even more delightful is the proud knowledge that we worked harder and longer to produce these products so we can truly say this is a Queensalnd made product, that supports local jobs and industry. We have gone to great lengths to make ecah tub sold another dollar in another local famiys wallet.

North Queensalnd you could even say.

We didnt take the easy and cheap way out and re-label someone elses overseas mass produced average products- we made our own over and over again until we perfected the family recipe.

It is with this knowledge we can give you-

A True Gentleman's Quality Guarantee in each product.

Our first products are out now with more on the way.

So If you want to be part of something big, and be one of the few exclusive stockists of this quality product line, made for barbers by barbers, register your interest today.

Use our knowledge and commitment and the years we have been working together to give your clients and barber shops what they want.

The very best Gentlemens products availble in the whole range.

Not just one or two great products amoungst a large range of average products. Gentleman Jones will have a small range of quality multi use products.

Men only need 3 or 4 of our products and not the whole kitchen sink full of lotions they are never going to use. They will appreciate this more than being sold products they wont use.


So- If your after one of our products and your not in the barbering industry, then ask your barber to contact us. They are missing out.

One product at a time we will up the ante Gentlemen. 








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Baxter for men

Bluebeard's Revenge

Captain Fawcett

JS Sloane


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