Razor Burn. WTF Face?

Sick of looking like a rancid plucked chicken neck, right before a hot date?

Razor Burn, basically targets most every male of every pack- at least one stage in their life. Its itchy and Hot, (particularly in NQ) and it looks ripe. trust me - I just sired a litter of pups- I know my bitch appreciated the care i took in grooming- razor burn on the jowls of a bulldog- just does not cut it on the Bulldog scene.

That is the bad news my fellow studs.

The good news is you- as two legged blokes- you can prevent it- I get to rub my face along a urine soaked fence to exfoliate and rid my face of a rash. not really a win.

So if your ' Over razor burn' - take a read-

Shaving remove's up to- two layers of skin.

Normally, that’s a good thing because your face looks fresh just like a man child right?

But where it all goes wrong is in the actual shaving process. While Razor Burn can look like a small red rash, feature bumps or even cause infected pimples or blisters an even itch like a MOFO - unlike bacterial rashes you can prevent it.

What Happens? Your hair can grow back into your skin (see scientific drawing picture thing above) and then when you shave you cut a tiny piece of skin off, this little removal of skin around the surface of the hair, causes a blood spot, and bam an entry for any mank to enter and infect spots your skin.

The hair you cut off is still in your skin, and can make you itchy too.

Use A Real Badger Brush- It works- It retains as much water as human hair, (& not as itchy as dog hair- trust me) so not only do you get more monies worth out of your shaving cream, (just using a badger brush can make shave cream last for dogs years) and it helps exfoliate your skin.

It lifts your hairs, breaks that surface of the skin around the hair BEFORE you shave (with repeated use) and helps pull them away from the surface so you can shave the hairs off- and not so much skin.

Inferior brushes contain boar and horse hair an can actually cause rashes, so try to avoid them.

Unless your a 12 year old boy learning to shave and do not know any better.

If you have tough stubble and dry skin- (maybe you work for a living so your skin gets dry)

Use a pre shave oil first- it softens the skin and hair, and this with a hot towel or a hot shower before the oil, will help even more - why do you think barbers do it!

Want to get serious- follow some real shaving strokes and and use a cooling balm to soothe the skin, after shaving and help kill the mank.

The quick way to rid Raxor Burn (For the lazy)

1. Use a Badger Brush & Heat and a quality shave cream

For The more dedicated (You Like The Idea Of Shaving properly)

!. Do The above & Use A REAL shaving Cream & Lather in Circles & Use a Single Blade razor- old school Razors help by only removing the top layer of skin preventing the hair growing back in. Add a Splash Of Bay Rum after ward- Barber shaop Shave complete & Before you know it-

No more chicken kneck. . .

Tips- Follow the strokes for blokes.

For More detailed info ask one of our Barber's in store today.

FYI A beginner's shaving Kit all up it will set you back about/approx/do not quote me etc $200-225 for the brush and ALL 3 products and a shavette Barber Razor.

Catch Ya, right after i catch this this car.....


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